Institute Facilities

Vico LibraryThe Institute maintains a specialized library, which includes editions of Vico's works (some rare and out of print), works on Vico, works in the history of European thought and philosophy, principally from the Renaissance and the 17th and 18th centuries, works relevant to Vichian topics in history and culture, and basic dictionaries and reference works.  The Library contains Loeb Library editions of all the Greek and Latin classics.  The Vico Library is available upon request and approval by the Institute Director.

The Library has works acquired as gifts from the estate of the late Vico scholar and translator, Elio Gianturco; from the library of the late Professor Gregor Sebba of the Institute of Liberal Arts at Emory; from the estate of the late Albert William Levi, David W. May Professor of Humanities at Washington University; and from the library of William F. Edwards, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Emory  University. A generous gift of books of philosophy and theology is from the library of the late Harvey H. Brimmer II (Emory Ph.D. in Philosophy, 1975). 

These works are available for use by students registered in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the faculty of Emory University, and visiting scholars. Restrictions apply. 

The Institute has an archive of photocopies and microfilms of rare materials of interest to Vico scholars. For example 1) a complete copy of the original edition of Vico's Scienza nuova of 1730, showing the original frontispiece (dipintura) made by Domenico Vaccaro and engraved by Antonio Baldi (not reproduced in any contemporary Italian or English editions of the New Science); 2) a copy of the original 1728 publication of Vico's Vita in Raccolta D'Opuscoli, vol. 1 (Venice); 3) copies of Vico's manuscripts, otherwise available only in Italy; and 4) a copy of the original 1550 edition of Giulio Camillo's L'Idea del Theatro, a work important to the memory tradition of Italian humanism, of which no modern facsimile edition exists. 

The Institute also has a number of miscellaneous items and reproductions connected with Vico and Vico scholarship, such as the catalogue from the exhibition held in Naples in 1968 to commemorate the tercentenary of Vico's birth (which includes plates of the items exhibited), a color reproduction of the one surviving portrait of Vico, etc. 

Article Archive

The Institute has an ongoing archive of reprints and photocopies of articles in Vico scholarship in all languages.  These are catalogued and ordered in individual folders for the use of graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars.