About Us

FrontispieceThe Institute for Vico Studies was created to foster the study of Giambattista Vico in the English speaking world. It is designed to promote the exchange of information and ideas concerning Vico and for the coordination of research in Vico studies.

Pursuant to this, the Institute has organized several international conferences, including an NEH summer institute entitled "Giambattista Vico and Humanistic Knowledge." In 1983 it began publication of New Vico Studies, an annual of essays, notes and reviews reflecting the state of work on Vico's thought. In 1985 it began publication of a series of monographs on Vico entitled Emory Vico Studies. The Institute maintains an extensive collection of works by Vico -- including rare editions and photocopies or rare editions -- and works both on Vico and of Vichian interest. 

The Institute is also dedicated to the concept of interdisciplinary thought and inquiry. Vico was a founder of the interdisciplinary conception of knowledge, expressed in his lectures On Humanistic Education. Beginning from the dictum preserved by Cicero, that wisdom is a "knowledge of things human and divine," Vico connects the ancient ideal of self-knowledge to the entire circle of humane and scientific studies.

In light of this, the Institute encourages enquiries from scholars and graduate students from a variety of disciples who have interests in Vico. Opportunities are available to arrange conferences and to use the library as a visiting scholar.