Bibliography of Works in English, 1884 - Present

Vico: A Bibliography of Works in English from 1884-1984 (Philosophy Documentation Center, 1984) was compiled by Molly Black Verene, revised in 1994, and continually updated in New Vico Studies. The most updated print edition was published in 2009 as part of the final volume of New Vico Studies:

Verene, Molly Black. "Works on Giambattista Vico in English from 1884 through 2009," New Vico Studies 27 (2009): 83 - 304.

Molly Black Verene continues to maintain the bibliography as a service to Vico scholars around the world. All works on Vico in English not included in the 2009 edition of the bibliography will be posted to the Institute for Vico Studies website as they are discovered.  All updates to the Bibliography published in New Vico Studies can also be downloaded as a *.pdf document via the link below.